british74′s Video Thread

***Must See Videos which expose the Evil New World Order***

Attention: Download, burn, and prepare to re-upload all of this material as the Zionists constantly remove this Truth telling media for they fear a massive awakening by the people.

AIPAC: American Israel Public Affairs Committee

Former Zionist operative and Jewish defector Benjamin Freedman is shown here with a 1960 edition of the newspaper that was the primary venue for his writings after WWII, Common Sense.

A MUST LISTEN TO video broadcast: Former Zionist Insider Benjamin Freedman Speaks

Myron C. Fagan

And this MUST LISTEN TO broadcast: Famous Historian and Playwright Myron C. Fagan’s Council On Foreign Relations & Illuminati (Clark: Still needs to be uploaded since it will be spliced together, but use 2 and 4 below as an example of how to do the rest. Do the ones you can for now. It’s not in alphabetical order, but I strayed from the thread’s style and am just adding numbers before the links for brevity and cleanliness of the page. If you have trouble with numbers getting underlined and blue like a link, go to the HTML editor to do it. With cut-and-paste it won’t be much of a problem.)

Welcome. Below are several videos which will help you see the BIG picture as to WHY our Country is under attack. Please spread these videos to all your friends, family, and peers. These videos are working and are helping to change the world into a better place like it was before the Zionist traitorous interference, which is designed to destroy Western culture, heritage, and pride in our selves, while bringing the world under complete control of the Evil Zionists One World Government.

9/11 Mysteries

911 Ripple Effect

Affirmative Action is Racist (New Edition)

Africa Addio (Full Version)

Agenda 21 For Dummies

America: a Changing Country (William Pierce)

America: Freedom to Fascism (Aaron Russo, Full Version)

Beast As Saint Martin Luther King Jr

Benjamin H Freedman Jewish Defector Warns America

Black Panthers Obama and Civil Rights

Bombs Body Scans and Israel

Christmas versus Hanukkah peace and Love vs War and Hate

Civil Rights For White People

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Alex Jones)

Conspiracy of Silence

Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove (Full Version)

Dark Side of the ADL

David Cole Interviews with Dr. Franciszek Piper

David Duke a Tribute to European Women

David Duke for President its Up to You

David Duke Heart 1 Heart to Heart 1

David Duke Heart 1 Heart to Heart 2

David Duke on Don Derek Black Show 12/30/10

David Duke Speaks to The Tea Party

Death and Taxes: Gordon Kahl Story

Deir Yassin Remembered

Der Erwige Jude (Part 1)

Der Erwige Jude (Part 2)

Did Man Land on Moon

Diversity North America (Jared Tayler)

Do Jews Control Media

Dynamics of Jewish Elite Updated Version

End Game (Full Version)

Essence of Money

Expose Senator Schumer and Israeli Terrorism

Farm Murders of South Africa

French President Sarkozy Promotes Genocide European Mankind

Gerraldo Rivera 911 Truth Building 7

HAARP: Holes in Heaven

Hate Laws (Ted Pike)

Help Building 7 Ad on Air

Historical Interview: Aaron Russo Fighting Cancer

Hollywood Bastards by David Duke

Holocaust Survivor Redefines Anti-Semitism

How Nations Die

How Zionists Divide and Conquer

Illegal Immigration Invasion

Immigration World Poverty Gumballs (Updated 2010)

Iraq for Sale (Full Version)

Israeli Terrorism Against America

Jew Commies: Butchers from Hell

Jewish Extremism and its Media Cover Up

Jewish Kosher Certification Food Tax

Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited: the Hidden Cult (Full Version)

John Hagee at AIPAC 2007

Judea Declares War on Germany

Kosher Butchering Schaechten

Leuchter Report

Little Bank That Saved Christmas

Loose Change (2nd Edition Full)

Loss of Liberty Uss Liberty

Lusitania Murder on the Atlantic

Martial Law 911 Rise of Police State 1

Martial law 911 rise of Police State 2

Mexican Army Crossing Border Again

Money Banking Federal Reserve HQ

Money Masters

Mr. Death Rise and Fall Fred a Leuchter Jr.

MS-13: The World’s Most Dangerous Street Gang

No War For Israel In Iran can Keep American Safe

Neo Zionist Order Eustace Mullins

New World Order Eustace Mullins

Nobody is White Original Savage Chick

Not so Cool Facts About Israel

Oliver Stone Apologizes For Truth

Other Israel Ted Pike

Painful Deceptions

Promotion of Genocide Swedish State Propaganda

Propaganda Peace Promised Land

Purim of Hate 1

Purim of Hate 2

Race is More Than Skin Color

Racial Supremacist State of Israel

Racism and Paul and Rachel Maddow

Rape and Reality in America

Sex and Lies in Israel

Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery 1

Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery 2

Shoe Bombers Crotch Bombers 911 and Israel

Terrorstorm Alex Jones

Tesla Electric Supercar

Tesla Roadster on Channel Ten News Adelaide

Top Rabbi Exposes Jewish Racism

Treason Pearl Harbor

Truth TV World News America Freedom to Fascism Director Version

Wake Up or Waco

War on Christmas New Version

White Genocide in South Africa

Who Taught America to Torture 720 Duke

Wikileaks Exposes Zionist Treachery

Will the White Race Survive

Zeitgeist 2007 the Movie

Zeitgeist Addendum 2008

Zeitgeist Trailer

Zionist Matrix of Power HD

Zionist Racist Rachel Maddow and Rand Paul

Zionist Red Army of Russia

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