Dynasophy – An Ideology From Nature

Civilizations rise and fall. From a period of barbarism great societies have entered periods of expansion in geographical area, population, production and knowledge. Then, in all, after an era of peace their vigor and morale weakened and they declined physically until destroyed by external enemies. This pattern has been followed, all or in part, by all the world’s civilizations, including: Sumerian, Egyptian, Mycenaean, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Andean, Classical and Near Eastern. The question now arises whether Western Civilization is following the same pattern. It is.

The economic symptoms manifested by a society in decline are: concentration of wealth, decreasing middle class, increase in debt, high taxes, decrease in manufacturing, increase in financial speculation and externalization of elites (globalization). Do any of these sound familiar? Social symptoms include giant cities that drain the countryside of people and wealth, militarization, decline of traditional religion, a decrease in population, multi-racialism and even replacement of the old blood that begat the civilization. The future of the Western world is a future of massive cities, cosmopolitanism, concentrated political power, diminished freedom, giant monopolies and crass art. The one bright spot, technological innovation, can be expected to wane as the population caliber of Western nations diminishes along with any sense of nationhood. An incipient sign of decline is the loss of faith in the old religion, and present Western society is beset by moral problems that cause division and dissention, even violence, for which established moral authority has no sensible response. Abortion, gay pride exhibitions, permissiveness and the liberal “isms,” including liberalism itself, are issues that have caused concern to the man and woman holding traditional Western values.

Dynasophy (pronounced with emphasis on the �a�) offers an answer to Western decay. The name literally means �power wisdom,� derived from the ancient Greek dynamikos, the root of words like �dynamite,� and sophos, meaning wise. Dynasophy means awareness of force always required to overcome evil, and that we must inevitably expend energy if we are to live as righteous human beings. This dynamic has gone out of the Western world, so that right and wrong have become relative, and correct behavior is determined by what best suits the individual. The result is a society governed by the moral dictates of what is easiest.

Integral to any society is the race that built it. No matter the material changes that occur in the West, it can survive, but should the white race disappear we can be assured that this civilization will be dead in all but name. As with any decadent civilization, race replacement is occurring in the Western world. There are no longer any white nations that are not considered �multicultural,� or becoming so due to a declining birth rate, third world immigration and interracial relationships. This will be the final death knell, as it was of previous civilizations. Rome perished for want of Romans. Therefore, to preserve a remnant of Western Civilization, and its progress, a logical deduction is that we must preserve a remnant of the white race that has a sense of pride in heritage sufficient to carry Western society into the future. In addition we must justify that preservation by natural law, as well as lay the intellectual foundations for the preservation of all future civilization. These are the challenges of Dynasophy.

Preservation of a white remnant can be accomplished only by physical withdrawal of that remnant from the decaying society around it. Dynasophy is therefore an advocacy for white nationalism, which is not to be confused with white supremacy. Several locations have been earmarked as possible repositories for white withdrawal: the northwestern American states, western Canada and Australia . All have low over-all population densities. Wherever the nation is to be established, a call for migration must be issued to the white populations of the world. Of course, only a small minority will answer this call, but as in any migration, the people who answer will be the most enterprising. From them will be founded a colony practicing co-operative capitalism exemplified by the successful Mondragon Plan.

Civilizations rise in intensely religious periods, such as the Middle Ages, and decline in periods of irreligion, such as our present in the Western world. Coincidence? Not at all. The second Dynasophy challenge of preserving future civilization is a matter of understanding, and for that the following essays are provided. Their reading is essential for anyone interested in the preservation of his/her European heritage:

Rational Ethics: Myth religion will inevitably be discredited in an enlightened era so that ethical teachings must have a rational basis that can answer such fundamental questions as why it is easier to be bad than good. When we attempt to answer such questions we are led to an understanding of nature itself and humanity�s place in it. Here is explained the Dynasophy philosophy, one based on the natural, not the supernatural, using simple analogy and deduction. It makes the connection between our material world and human nature. It is easier to be bad than good for the same reason it is easier to destroy than to create. Just as effort and struggle are required for creation, so are they required to do good. There is no need for a spirit world in this understanding. Thus, Dynasophy provides a new base for moral philosophy other than the mystical doctrines of established religions. It does not teach a new morality. On the contrary, Dynasophy upholds conservative values, even strengthens them, but establishes them on more solid grounds than the mythologies of traditional belief.

Christianity Examined: Here is revealed the pagan origins of this religion of the West, implying why it should finally be discarded. Condemnation of Christianity, however, is not due to it being believed, on the contrary, it is due to traditional Christianity not being believed. Christianity has failed Western Civilization, just as all myth religions have failed civilization in the past. Devout Christians are advised not to proceed beyond this introduction.

The Essence and Decadence of Civilization: Shows the parallels between civilizations of the past and our own, and where the present West is on the civilization cycle. The essay then discusses how civilizations are born, and why they die, revealing the close relationship that all high cultures have with their founding religions.

Nation-State: Knowing the close relationship civilization has with religion, how do we build this knowledge into a new nation? Its government will have to be more than a democratic dispenser of public will, and any nation that does not recognize the need for imperative authority is destined to become trash. Therefore, care must be taken to delineate powers and ensure a balance between personal freedoms and the requirements of a lasting society.

Race: Just as Europe grew from the decay of the Roman Empire so will a new society grow from the decay of the West, only a new nation need not repeat the mistakes of history. This essay argues for white nationalism, which should not be understood as an argument against other races. As usually happens, favor of a particular race is interpreted as opposition to others, an illogical deduction but one commonly made.

Neutralizing Gravity: The ideas of Dynasophy are controversial in a decaying world and withdrawal of a white remnant to a separate region of Earth may not be sufficient to avoid persecution. Future space colonization, particularly of Mars, should not be overlooked. Nothing would make that cheaper than neutralizing gravity. Impossible? Here is a compelling argument based on time dilation and the experiments of Henry Wallace that says it is not. The essential principles for �anti-gravity� are presented for an unpatented device that could make wealthy an experimenter who can provide the requirements.

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