Beijing Rockets Target US Cities

The New Australian, No. 75, 4-10 May

Beijing rockets target US cities: is this China’s price
for funding the Clintons’ campaign?

It is now being why Clinton insisted on the transfer of sensitive technology to China that would improve the accuracy of its ICBMs. This technology quickly found its way into ICBMs that are now aimed at American cities. Despite Clinton’s denial that China has targeted the US, the CIA has conclusive proof to the contrary. This denial, like so many of his other denials, is completely without substance.

Despite detailed intelligence briefs, Clinton approved the export of hi-tech know-how to China by Loral, now under investigation by a federal grand jury. That the deal may have involved classified information does not seem to have fazed Clinton one bit. In addition, last year Bernard Schwarze, Loral’s chairman and CEO, made the largest personal contribution to the Democratic National Committee. Now it seems we have it: Clinton gets what he wants, Beijing gets what it wants, Schwartz gets what he wants and Americans get to be targets for Chinese missiles. Guess who’s got the biggest grin. This is not to suggest that Clinton deliberately endangered his country, only that he is totally irresponsible, lacking even the most rudimentary sense of patriotism and guided only by semi-digested ’60s dogma and the kind of short term gratification that he should have left behind in kindergarten. (His wife, however, is a very different kettle of fish.)

The whole squalid trail leads right back to Chinese funding for the Clintons’ election campaign. Anyone who thinks the Chinese would fund anyone without getting something in exchange is definitely inhaling. The CIA and FBI have ample evidence that Beijing ran agents in the US in the guise of fund-raisers. Charlie Trie, who contributed $US640,000 to Clinton’s defence fund, is unquestionably considered to be one of those agents. It was Charlie who introduced Clinton to the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Polytech at a White House fund-raiser. This gentleman, surprise, surprise, is also known to be strongly connected with Chinese intelligence. Not that this would bother Clinton who seems to think everything is for sale, even national security. After all, if he were genuinely concerned with security he would not have ignored the intelligence briefs that the CIA gave him.

There is little doubt that there have been serious security leaks from the White House. Equally, there is little doubt in the minds of some the sources of those leaks.

Hillary Clinton took it upon herself, with her husband’s support, to appoint a great many of the White House staff. Many of these appointees are known for their very strong left-wing views and their belief that the US is an unjust society that needs radical changes. It should come as no surprise if this deep-rooted animosity to their own country should take the form of an occasional phone call to a Chinese agent. Of course, this raises the question of why Hillary was so keen on appointing people who despise their own society. But maybe that’s something she shares with them.

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