Fugitive Arrested in Spain

U.S. fugitive arrested in Spain

The Associated Press

MALAGA, Spain (July 21, 2001 04:27 p.m. EDT http://www.nandotimes.com/) – Spanish police have arrested a 71-year-old American wanted for the past 16 years by the United States for allegedly selling nuclear weapon mechanisms to Israel.

A police statement Saturday said Richard Kelly Smith has been living in Spain since 1985, when he fled the United States while awaiting sentencing for his conviction on 30 charges of arms trafficking and forged documents.

He was arrested on July 10, said the statement issued by police in the southern coastal city of Malaga.

The statement said Kelly, an electronic engineer, ran a business in Los Angeles that manufactured Krypton microchips used in firing nuclear weapons. The manufacture and sale of the chips were under strict control by the U.S. government at the time.

Between 1980-82, he is said to have forged documents that allowed him export the chips illegally to Israel for unspecified large sums of money. Kelly was later arrested but fled to Spain while out of prison.

Kelly is expected to be taken to Madrid while his extradition is studied.

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