An American's 'Nightmare in Manistee'

Source: The Nationalist Times | January 2001

An American’s ‘Nightmare in Manistee’

by Ruth Coffey

Free speech, R.I.P.

In Manistee, Michigan, a woman was arrested for referring to hispanics as spics in a private conversation.

Janice Barton, 45, was leaving the Peppermill Restaurant with her mother and daughter when a man in the crowded exit asked his wife, in Spanish, to make way for them. Barton, who does not speak Spanish, said to her mother, “I wish these spics would learn to speak English.” Her remark was overheard by an off-duty county sheriff’s deputy, Carol Benitez, who jotted down Barton’s license plate number. Two weeks later, Barton was arrested for ‘disturbing the peace,’ and sentenced to jail for 45 days.

The next time someone says, “A penny for your thoughts,” unless you’re in a sound-proof, debugged room, tell him to “take a hike” or you might find yourself sitting in a jail cell.

No, I am not being facetious. For as you can see by the above news item, this is exactly what happened to a white American citizen who voiced her thoughts to her mother while exiting a restaurant in Manistee, Michigan, saying, “I wish these spics would learn to speak English.” She was referring to a hispanic family who were jabbering in Spanish. (Let me interject here that there are millions of other white Americans who share Ms. Barton’s “wish,” but are either too brainwashed and intimidated by terms like “racist” and “bigot” or just too cowardly to protest being forced to listen to some of the 300 foreign languages they encounter in their daily lives, thanks to 35 years of out-of-control immigration, both legal and illegal.)

But to continue the saga of “The Nightmare in Manistee,” what happened after those fateful words were overheard by the father of a latina deputy sheriff was to become a living nightmare which Janice Barton and her family are still experiencing two years later.

I have before me, courtesy of Barton, data concerning this incident including the police report, trial transcript, probation report, and other documents related to this mind-boggling violation of Ms. Barton’s constitutional rights to free speech.

Needless to say, I can’t share hundreds of pages of information with you. But I will try to summarize Barton’s ordeal for you. After much thought, I decided the best way to recap what happened would be to use a semi-scenario form.

    Time: August 1998 (lunchtime)
    Place: a Manistee, Michigan restaurant
    Characters: Janice Barton, Jennifer Barton (daughter), Elizabeth Walbers (mother), Carol Benitez, off-duty latina deputy sheriff, and Benitez’s father, mother and son.
    Action: The Barton family exits the restaurant while simultaneously the Benitez family is waiting.

While approaching the exit, Ms. Barton hears Benitez’s father and mother speaking Spanish, whereupon she leans over her mother’s shoulder and says, “I wish these spics would learn to speak English,” in a conversational voice meant only for her mother’s ears.

The Barton family is outside the restaurant headed for their car in the parking lot when Benitez comes storming out and demands of Barton to repeat what she had said. Barton obliged her by repeating it and once again attempted to leave the parking lot, whereupon Benitez informed her that she spoke English and was not only “educated” but also a sheriff’s deputy and went back into the restaurant.


But before the Barton family could leave, Benitez again accosted them in their car — which was now locked because of their fear of Benitez — and went through the same “I am an educated sheriff’s deputy” routine, this time (at the suggestion of her father) taking down the license plate number of Janice Barton’s car, whereupon Barton responded by using the international symbol of “buzz off” (an extended finger) to show how “impressed” she was with Benitez’s claim of erudition and job description and drove home.

Two weeks later, Janice Barton was arrested by the City of Manistee police, booked, and charged with disorderly conduct, a charge that would be changed several times before her trial in December of 1998, when her “crime” was finally determined to be “insulting conduct.” Again I must interject here to say that to my knowledge in the history of the United States no one has ever been jailed on that charge. It is my contention that it was an invented charge used to assuage the delicate sensibilities of an ethnic deputy who used her position as a means of exercising her power over white citizens.

I also contend that this outrage will be used as a precedent by other law enforcement agencies to ban free speech for all White Americans as a way of setting the stage for the New World Order in which ethnic tyranny replaces our Constitutional rights!

Yes, Janice Barton was determined to be guilty by an all- or mostly-white jury, and sentenced to 45 days in jail as well as two years summary probation by a sanctimonious judge with delusions of becoming the 21st century’s Learned Hand. Only when Barton collapsed at being incarcerated was she permitted to offer a plea of guilty in exchange for fewer days in jail (two weeks before Christmas). She also had to waive her right to appeal and agree to two years probation during which she was forbidden to visit any restaurant, bar, social affair or even her own home where liquor was being served. This was a preposterous violation of her civil rights, since alcohol was never part of the case and Barton doesn’t drink!

However, this extraordinary restraint resulted in her having to withdraw from tournament level pool, which she had played for years, as well as curtailing her social life in all areas. Barton is still seeking legal means of redress, and I will pass on any results in future writings. But for now, I can only sincerely wish that those of you who read this account of your fellow American’s treatment by a modern day Spanish Inquisition-cum-kangaroo court will share it with others and use it as a catalyst to revolt against ethnic dictatorship.

In the meantime, I have made copies of this article available to some of our dedicated fellow activists in the hope of exposing this ethnic rape of America’s white population. In closing, let me impress on you that the ordeal Janice Barton suffered was due to her using a slang word for hispanics, much as “gringo” is a slang expression for whites! The difference is that there are no hispanics doing jail time for saying “gringo.” I don’t need legal training to know that if insulting someone’s sensibilities is grounds for arrest, then everyone over the age of kindergartners would find themselves facing trial sometime during their life span.

Don’t let this pass as just one more act of repression against White American citizens, or the next time it could be you whose conversation is overheard and reported to America’s totalitarian “speech police.”