The Mathematical Imperative

Source: The British National Party

The Mathematical Imperative

RICHARD WHITE examines how the advanced nations are losing the numbers battle
Spearhead Magazine – July 1995

WESTERN civilization is rushing towards death. A unique achievement, the most glorious and stupendous upon this planet, is now in a state of what could be terminal sickness. All that we have nurtured, cherished and attained over several millennia now disappears beneath an avalanche of transient pleasure and eager insanity. It seems that we prefer madness to miracles.

Let us not be tricked by the superficial glamour and glitter of this new age. Life in many ways appears more comfortable and diverse than what our forefathers experienced. Opportunities seem endless. But rational reflection demands that we should consider this as similar to the decorations on a Christmas tree. After the brief festive season, they are removed, and the tree, already dead, is consigned to the refuse collector. The present is all-important and the future forgotten. The perfectly appropriate motto is: “Live for today, for tomorrow we die.”

How has the peril come about? Certainly not at once. On the contrary, our enemies have been busy for a long time. It seems that the Fabian doctrine of Gradualism, dominant in certain intellectual circles two or three generations ago, has assumed its most sinister implications. This strategy has strong parallels with the techniques of the skilful poisoner. Give the victim small doses over a protracted period of time, and he will be unaware of the culprit’s intentions and, by the time that he does awaken it will be too late. The late Chinese Communist revolutionary Lin Piao once remarked that Asia, Africa and Latin America were rural areas which would eventually subjugate the urban or industrial places to the North, especially Europe and the United States. He added that to seek to prevent this would be as futile as “beating back a fog with the hands.” As things stand at present, his projection appears to be unfolding.

Central to this crisis is the demographic consideration. The Twentieth Century has witnessed the two most devastating sledgehammer blows to our civilization. In two world wars, White man fought White man in conflicts which ended our supremacy on earth, concluded our imperial roles and placed us more firmly than ever at the pitiless mercy of International Finance. Worst of all, these battles destroyed unnumbered millions of our finest young men, robbing us of their talents and future contributions, as well as the offspring which would have been created had they lived. In both cases, we emerged weaker and smaller.


A century ago, Europe was at the zenith of its might. Most of its nations had colonies overseas, with Great Britain possessing an empire of unprecedented dimensions. It would have been indisputably logical then to form a Grand European Alliance, where we would all work together for the common good. Joseph Chamberlain — perhaps our greatest Prime Minister who never was — argued that an alliance with Germany would be the most natural thing in the world. And an understanding between the Motherland and the Fatherland would have reaped immense benefits for both of us. As partners, we would have attained heights even greater than previously achieved. Just imagine what would have resulted had Britain, with its possession of the seas and the availabilty of huge colonial resources, seen eye to eye with Germany, which was the greatest land power at the time. Together we would have been invincible. No outward foe would have had the slightest chance of doing us hurt or of disturbing our places in the Sun.

But things took a sharp turn for the worse. The Dual Alliance of France and Russia put Germany on the defensive. The Entente Cordiale between Britain and France made us, informally at least, an enemy of Germany. Naval rivalry and the Kaiser’s occasionally provocative, though by no means truly threatening, speeches exacerbated the situation. However, such things were hardly a casus belli, unless of course there were certain back-stage forces looking for any opportunity, no matter how slight, to cause trouble.

Then, in August 1914, inexplicably and suddenly, the time-bomb exploded. Britain, having the least reason of all to fight, was one of the first to join in, invoking an obscure treaty going back over 80 years as the flimsiest of excuses. One cannot, even now, look back to the 1914-18 conflict without a feeling of complete amazement. Over this period, millions perished for no purpose whatsoever. Old military tactics combined with modern mechanised features to produce a bloodbath. Huge amounts of men were sent to certain death by generals who, mostly, had never heard a shot fired in anger. This evil folly is best illustrated by the Battle of the Somme, in 1916, where over a million men were killed, more than 400,000 being British. The gain was scarcely to make a dent in the German lines. By contrast, the conquest of the whole Indian sub-continent by the British Army had cost no more than 100 lives.

When it was all over, at least 10,000,000 men had perished. Europe was in a state of revolution, and Bolshevism firmly in place in Russia. Far from creating a better world, this war was the beginning of Armageddon. All the participants lost, and only the Money Power triumphed. Much of the flower of European manhood had disappeared.


But more was to come. An even bloodier conflict was, in the secret sessions of those who hold the real control, on the cards. Germany, whatever may be thought of her politics under Hitler, did not menace Britain. Hitler’s aim was expansion in the East. Nevertheless, those who had contrived successfully to bring about the First World War were determined to bring a second one.

Our country was once more duped. This time the pretext was Poland, a nation which we had had little, if anything, to do with in the past, and which we could not possibly assist in 1939. Soon the whole world was again in flames, and a new and bigger butcher’s list created. Another generation of Europeans went to its grave. Again, we fought for nothing and, soon after the fighting finished, we lost the Empire. We emerged even feebler and even more impoverished.

Now, in our own day, we suffer the consequences of these two genuine holocausts. But a far subtler and more devilishly cunning strategy is now being employed by those who seek our obliteration. This is conquest of the world by peaceful methods. In a nuclear age, full-scale war is out of the question. After all, the real culprits would perish with the rest of us! So a new programme is in full-swing. It is manifested in abortion and birth-control and, above all, in incessant non-white immigration to Europe. Because of this, the White Race progressively shrinks whilst the coloured population soars. What was formerly gained through guns is now done through condoms, the murder of foetuses and the fanatical and hysterical pursuit of multi-racialism. This is why ‘racism’ has become the worst offence imaginable, and integration the new Transubstantiation of the present time.

Surely one does not need to be exceptionally bright to realise that if racial harmony is truly sought, then a Back-to- Africa policy is the logical answer. When races dwell apart, there is no danger of strife. But this is precisely what the world conquerors do not want. Whilst sternly retaining racial identity for themselves with all the ferocity of a religious creed, they vigorously promote a totally different policy for everyone else, in the satanic hope that they will sooner or later have complete masterdom over a hybrid flock without pride of ancestry or chance of posterity.

The whole of life is governed by mathematical laws. Given equality, numbers mean strength and security. Depletion means death. It is easily illustrated, too, within the record of history, that great men and remarkable talents rarely occur without a surplus of population. We need to produce many to find the few. Quantity must precede quality. To think otherwise is as crazy as to believe that one can dig for diamonds with a toothpick.


Survival is serious business. Unless we procreate we disintegrate. The destruction of Rhodesia and South Africa furnished us with formidable examples. White populations in both cases were small, and had no hope of overcoming the ‘one man one vote’ offensive. Consequently they collapsed. The Israelis, in stark contrast, prove far more pragmatic. All along, they ensured that the number of Jews in Palestine greatly exceeded the number of Arabs. As a result, the demands of democracy have never prevented the existence of an Israeli government. There is much to be learned from this; to be learned and utilized for the benefit of our own people.

What is to be done? Racial intermarriage must be condemned absolutely and an unwavering commitment made to restoring the once-homogenous nature of Great Britain as soon as the opportunities occur. Given the disintegrating state of current capitalism, that hour cannot be far away. Liberalism, in politics, the church, the universities and wherever else it expresses itself, must be exposed for the Bubonic Plague that it is. Aid to hostile and corrupt Third World countries must cease. Abortion must be proscribed and birth control persistently discouraged. War between kindred nations must be renounced for all time. Generous tax incentives must be given to encourage family life, and tax penalties introduced against those who pursue childless marriages. Feminism and homosexuality must be recognised as the filthy and deadly diseases which they are and be banished for good.

Let us not be deluded by the notion that we live in a peaceful world. It is the peace of the opium den today and that of the graveyard tomorrow. A Third World War (in more ways than one) is indeed being waged against us. Where foreign powers failed to subdue us in the past, the Men of Gold are winning day by day. Awaken!