BBC Will Strip Conan Doyle of Racial Overtones

Source: The Telegraph,, November 12th 2000

BBC Will Strip Conan Doyle of Racial Overtones

By Oliver Poole

THE BBC is to adapt The Lost World, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tale of dinosaurs and empire builders, for television in a way that eliminates its “tone of racial superiority”.

The £10 million drama will be one of the highlights of next year’s schedule. Conan Doyle packed his adventure story with references to “sub-human natives noted for their savage behaviour and low intellects”. The two-part adaptation will, however, portray the strange tribes encountered by British explorers as equals to the white men who invade their hidden territory.

Names that the corporation considers offensive to modern sensibilities, such as Zambo, the giant “negro” described as being as “faithful as a dog”, will be expunged. To bring the story further up to date, a love interest, in the shape of the beautiful niece of a missionary, is to be introduced.

Christopher Hall, the programme’s producer, said that although the drama would remain as close as possible to the original work there were elements that would not be acceptable to contemporary audiences.

Mr Hall said: “Some of the Victorian obsessions and concerns are now viewed slightly differently. There are things about Conan Doyle which are old-fashioned, particularly his view of natives. We feel differently now.”

Conan Doyle’s story of a scientific expedition by four high-spirited Englishmen who travel deep into Amazon jungle in South America was written in 1912, when views of Britain’s imperial destiny and the superiority of the white man were common.

The BBC hopes that its adaptation will prove a ratings winner by combining the strengths of its costume drama department, responsible for successes such as Pride and Prejudice, with the special effects developed for its award-winning series Walking with Dinosaurs.

Nicknamed “frocks with teeth” by the makers, the two 75-minute episodes have gone into pre-production; filming will begin in New Zealand in February. It will then take five months for the computer-generated dinosaurs to be added. The drama will be directed by Stuart Orme, who made The Sculptress; the script was written by Tony Mulholland, who has worked on previous Conan Doyle programmes.

Philip Webber, the president of the Arthur Conan Doyle Study Group, said that the book was a classic that should not be altered. Mr Webber said: “It is true the treatment of the natives is very strange. It may not be politically correct but to judge Conan Doyle for this is to be anachronistic – you are applying standards that did not apply then.”



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