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    Seattle Artist Wins Macabre Holocaust Tale Challenge
    Report; Posted on: 2005-11-01 22:42:40 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Seattle artist Charles Krafft, famous for his provocative surrealism, announced as winner of The Holocaust Historiography Project's Second Annual Most Macabre Halloween Holocaust Tale Challenge

    by Neil Camberly

    AS WE reported last week, The Holocaust Historiography Project, an historical research and documentation effort of Greg Raven, offered a prize for the most absurd WWII atrocity tale, with extra points if the tale submitted was used in official 'Holocaust histories.'

    This year's winner has been chosen.

    Seattle artist Charles Krafft, who splits his time between NSK offices in Slovenia, the dank, ketamine-drenched sewers of India, and Villa Delirium, the Seattle studio where he turns human "cremains" into inflammatory porcelain sculptures and obsessively researches the "holocaust" as it is described to have taken place in Romania, won with his account of several versions of the fabled Bucharest abattoir atrocity.

    Krafft, an extreme skeptic unsure of where he stands regarding any subject in history without reading two dozen books on the subject, expressed regret that he was unable to dig up the book in which an Auschwitz survivor described harrowing scenes in which prisoners were used as Christmas tree ornaments by SS guards. He plans to save the tale in hope of a 'Nightmare Before Christmas'-themed Holocaust tale contest.

    William Comer won second place by submitting an absurd news story from Utah's Deseret

    Both entrants asked that their winnings be donated to the legal defense fund of Germar Rudolf, the revisionist researcher who has been falsely arrested ŕ la Ernst Zündel.

    Contest details

    Source: NV Staff

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