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ADL: Behind the Mask of Respectability
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An 8-part video produced by the National Alliance detailing the less than savory facts and history surrounding the world’s “foremost civil rights group,” including: questionable ties to organized crime figures; criminal espionage operations; anti-patriotic brainwashing of law enforcement personnel; mass bribery of politicians; Soviet-style censorship initiatives; thought crime laws; and a host of other disreputable actions. The real truth about this group is enough to make your skin crawl.After watching these 8 videos visit our ADL Research section which has many article about the ADL
30-90 MB
America is Changing The late Dr. William Pierce, speaks about the problems of America faces today since it has left behind the solidarity, stability and traditions of a homogeneous Aryan culture and replaced it in turn with the cosmopolitan laissez faire values of multiculturalism, jewish “democracy” and the constant fluctuation of party politics and petty business cycles. Not one to merely complain, Dr. Pierce shows the way out through the mess in the form of a reclamation of Western institutions into the hands of Westerners and away from the cultural marxists. WMV
128 MB
Apache Attack Video The controversial video circulating the internet that the government tried to ban, showing the IR camera on an Apache attack helicopter aiming at and killing personel in the theatre of war. MPEG
4.6 MB
Ben Klassen on Race & Reason Church of Creativity founder Ben Klassen appears on Terrible Tommy’s Race & Reason, explaining the genesis and foundations of the world’s only White Racial religion. RM
20.7 MB
Chossudovsky Lecture A college professor talks about some of the real reasons why this “war on terror” and wars against Iraq and Afghanistan have come to pass, including the fact that israel want the US to take out the enemies of the jews and that the oil companies that want a piece of the pie. WMV
23 MB
Creativity Meeting #2 Creativity Public Meeting #2. Matoon, IL MPG
45.6 MB
Creativity Meeting #3 Creativity Public Meeting #3. Peoria, IL. MPG
32.9 MB
Creativity Meeting #4 Creativity Public Meeting #4. Bloomington, IL. 10/28/27AC MPG
80.3 MB
Creativity Meeting #5 Creativity Public Meeting #5. Bloomington, IL. 11/25/27AC MPG
67.3 MB
Creativity Meeting #6 Creativity Public Meeting #6. Pontiac, IL. 1/4/28AC MPG
89.9 MB
Creativity Meeting #8 Creativity Public Meeting #8. Decatur, IL. 02/24/28AC MPG
88 MB
Creativity Meeting #9 Creativity Public Meeting #9. Wallingford, CT. 03/10/28AC MPG
61.3 MB
Creativity Meeting #10 Creativity Public Meeting #10. Peoria, IL. 03/24/28AC MPG
55.8 MB
Creativity Meeting #11 Creativity Public Meeting #11. Wallingford, CT. 04/21/28AC MPG
36.5 MB
Creativity Meeting #15 Creativity Public Meeting #15. Springfield, IL. 07/14/28AC MPG
75.1 MB
Creativity Meeting #26 Creativity Public Meeting #26. Wakefield, MA. 9/14/29AC MPG
45.0 MB
David Cole visits Auschwitz jew Davey Cole takes takes a trip to Camp Auschwitz and lo and behold! What does he see? No holes, no holy-hoax. The “gas chamber” at the camp was really no death chamber at all (it had indoor plumbing fixtures, stucco walls, and a wooden door that opens into the “gas chamber”). Moreover, the proof is delivered that this entire concentration camp system was originally and intentionally set up for the purpose of labor, first under peacetime and later wartime conditions. WMV
45 MB
Daniel Pearl The kidnapping and execution of naïve Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl by a muslim extremist sect in Pakistan shocked the world, but what the viewer will find most shocking is how serious these muslims are and the extreme lengths they will go to to make their point. The viewer is left with the feeling that all of Islam rages over America’s one-sided pro-zionist stance in world affairs.
Warning! Graphic content! Not for young children or the faint-at-heart.
2.1 MB
Don’t Talk! The Five Words: “I have nothing to say.” Every White Nationalist, or activist of any kind, for that matter, should take these words to heart and learn them well. The pig-lice are not your friends; they are your enemies. Cops exist for only one reason and one reason alone: to nail you to the wall for life. Their job is not to “stop crime”, nor to “protect and serve;” it is simply to put as many people behind bars as possible while doing the least amount of work in the process. Don’t be a sucker, and don’t hand them the rope they will hang you with. You can avoid being their next victim by learning and using the Five Words when necessary, and this may save you an extended stay in the hotel with barred windows.
Thanks to Terrible Tommy of W.A.R. for making this important video.
4.2 MB
Dr. Robert Graham Dr. Robert Graham, author of the outstanding Eugenics manual The Future of Man, talks about his Repository for Germinal Choice project, a sperm bank for the production of highly intelligent offspring. RM
50.1 MB
Dresden Yet another richly-detailed production by National Vanguard, this video shows the plight and horror of the terrible Aryan holocaust that was the firebombing of Dresden by allied bombers, under the direction of the jewish Lindenman Plan. RM
5.6 MB
Egalitarian Tricks of the Trade In a well-presented, hour-long lecture Sam Dickson speaks plainly about the smear tactics and dishonest name-calling the egalitarian “levelers” use in attacking and smearing those who favor the Western culture and the White heritage. RM
8.3 MB
The Eternal Jew An absolute classic National Socialist introduction and investigation into the jewish question, examining such diverse topics as how Talmudic lore governs jews in their relations to gentiles, jewish racketeering and organized crime, jew infestation of certain occupations, the horrors of kosher slaughter, and more. RM
16 MB
Farm Murders This is a must see. This excellent (and shocking) documentary was made in South Africa in 2003 and shown on one of the best news programs on South African TV: Carte Blanche. Of course in the politically correct South Africa of today, nobody can seriously assert that Farm Murders are planned and orchestrated by the Government. So the documentary of course, right at the end has to assert that this is not so. Nevertheless, much is shown on this program to indicate clearly, that what we have here is black on white attempted genocide. Officially, the most dangerous occupation in the world is to be a white South African farmer.
Brought to you by
19.1 MB
Floyd Nelson Speech A speech by Floyd Nelson, the Imperial Wizard of the SS Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, delivered during the first quarter of the Year 2000 AD. RM
2.4 MB
The Frankfurt School That jew nest of of anti-White, anti-Western, anti-Gentile treachery is exposed as yet another reflection of the toxic philosophy that is judiasm/Zionism.
Brought to you by Bamboo Delight.
37 MB
Hate Laws Making Criminals Out of Christians As the title implies, this video brought to you by the National Prayer Network clearly displays how the new “anti-hate” laws are making “hate” criminals out of majority Christians, by making criticism of the chosenites and homosexuals from the perspective of biblical reference alone punishable by years in prison. Ironically, such hate crime laws have bee brought to you by Zionazi hatemongers. WMV
87.1 MB
Israeli Street Justice A quick, low-resolution video of machine-gun armed jews abusing, harassing and even shooting unarmed Pali’s, in violations of probably dozens of UN laws. WMV
2 MB
Jew 9/11 Spy Scandal
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
After the planes struck the twin towers on 9/11, a woman called the police and reported some suspicious behavior of certain individuals who were jumping up and down, hooting, laughing, celebrating and snapping pictures of each other smiling with the burning towers in the background. Police were called, and they later arrested people working at Moving Systems Incorporated, all jews and all israeli nationals with fake id’s in multiple names, large wads of cash, and israeli military training. In all, over 200 such jews were rounded up after the terrorist attack by Federal authorities, and Fox news did a brief story on it.  In the end, all such jews were inexplicably deported under the orders of zionist jew Michael Chertoff, and this story was pulled from the Fox News archives with no explanation. Now, view the original news story and decide for yourself. MOV
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11.7 MB
Jewish Slave Traders Contrary to popular belief, it was jews and not Whites, who were responsible for the bulk of the financing, trafficking and sales of black slaves. In this 2001 video of an IHR conference, a black professor of black history discusses and exposes this predominant role jews played in the African slave trade.

Brought to you by Bamboo Delight.

53.7 MB
Jude Suess In the same vein of The Eternal Jew, this movie takes the form of a drama where the conniving jew Suess Oppenheimer snares a post as treasurer to the Duke of Wurttemburg As the Jew’s schemes grow more elaborate and his actions more brazen, the dukedom nearly erupts into civil war. Persuaded by the Jew, the Duke all but scuttles the constitution and alienates the assembly by lifting the local ban on Jews in Stuttgart. In a final outrage, the Jew rapes a wholesome German girl and tortures her father and fiancee. When the Duke succumbs to a sudden heart attack, the assembly of Elders try the Jew and sentence him to death. RM
67 MB
Judea Declares War This video examines the reasons why National Socialism came to power, the role of the world’s jews declaring war on Germany, with a healthy helping of solid revisionist research on some of the lies surrounding the “holocaust” fraud.
Warning: Some graphic footage.
116 MB
KKK Cross Lighting For those who have never had the luxury of seeing a cross lighting in real life, this video takes you onto the scene of one of the world’s oldest continuous Christian religious ceremonies.
Produced by the SS Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and brought to you by Bamboo Delight.
31.6 MB
A Klansman’s Advice A Klansman discusses his racial upbringing, current events and problems with non-whites and his vision of unity for future White racial victory.
Produced by the SS Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and brought to you by Bamboo Delight.
9.9 MB
Life is Yidreal For those curious about what life is like in the world’s only “democracy” in the Middle East, this video documentary takes you there. Hear interviews from people who live under occupation rule and see izzy’s soldiers in action as streets are blocked off, people are arbitrarily arrested, homes are demolished, natives dispossessed of their land, and certain people are denied equal access and privileges. A great counter to neo-Jacobin nonsense about how great, reasonable, moderate, etc., that “shitty little country” is. WMV
67 MB
Militia of Montana
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Militia of Montana Video Series
Three separate videos produced by the Militia of Montana detailing the corruptions of the New World Order and its ties to international Zionism, with side commentary on the loss of freedoms as ZOG fights the pretend “war on terrorism.” While they are not adamantly pro-White, they are anti-Zionist and pro-freedom, which is at least a step in the right direction.
48.9 MB
37.5 MB
31.8 MB
MLK Riots A short but high-quality video portraying the negro at his usual [criminal] behavior: namely, rioting, looting, pillaging and burning, with a little bit of rape, serious assault and murder thrown in on the side just for fun. St. MLK is rambling on in the background as a nice bit of contrast between the theory and practice of integration and “civil rights.” Overall, a fine display of how much American blacks treasure American culture and American freedom. MPG
19.5 MB
Mugabe Famine 1
Mugabe Famine 2
Mugabe Famine 3
Mugabe Famine 4
A documentary in four parts proving the true reason why famine exists in Africa is due to black self-government.
Among the main points in this documentary are the following:

  • You see black people eating bark & leaves due to lack of food.
  • You see Government thugs who control the food supplies.
  • You are shown clearly the indifference of the South African Government at a high level.
  • You see the double standards of the British Government.
    Brought to you by
3.5 MB (1)
4.4 MB (2)
4.4 MB (3)
8.0 MB (4)
Mugabe on Aussies In this short piece Mugabe displays his communist-inbred anti-White hatred as he lashes out at the Australian Prime Minister, then says the Australians are “Genetically modified because of their criminal ancestry.” He goes on to mention the British banished the “robbers & thieves” to Australia and New Zealand.
Brought to you by
2.8 MB
Oldham Riots 1
Oldham Riots 2
A two-part video series depicting some of the worst rioting England has seen in decades, courtesy of the BNP. Part 1 is a 17-minute background and commentary about these riots by BNP party chief Nick Griffin. Part 2 is actual footage of the rioters themselves, complete with unprovoked attacks on innocent bystanders and cars, molotov cocktails tossed at policemen and their vehicles, and what should have been attempted murder charges as buildings with people inside are set on fire. The video quality is poor but viewers can make out what is generally occurring.
Most surprising about these riots is the fact that for once, negros are not the ones rioting, looting and burning. This footage instead proves that Muslim/Asian immigrants are still just as animalistic as their darker brethren when given the chance.
61.8 MB
110 MB
The Other Israel A in-depth video documentary of jewish history as a line of murderers, liars, cheats, cut-throats, and Christ-killers, and showing that their actions today have not changed for the better. Produced from the perspective of a fundamentalist Christian outlook. RM
9 MB
Rockwell TV Interview George Lincoln Rockwell speaks on national TV (smoking his patent corncob pipe) about his views as a National Socialist and Racialist, and even goes so far as to say that Hitler “was the second coming of Christ” and “that he plans to finish what Hitler started.” What a goy! RM
2.4 MB
Shaking Hands With Saddam Current Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld meeting and shaking hands with the head gasser himself, Saddam Hussein, in 1983, long before he became the NWO/ZOG poster child for Evil™ and a scapegoat for fictional WMD’s. WMV
2.5 MB
The Taiwan Question A short video on the reality of the Asian opium trade in the mid- to late-1800′s and early 1900′s: namely it was jew groups and the Sassoon family (now they make hair-care products) that controlled the corporations which hooked an entire nation on Opium, for which England got the blame and the brunt of the Opium Wars and the Boxer Rebellion. WMV
35.4 MB
The Triumph of the Will The classic propaganda film from pre-WWII Germany, directed by the talented late actress-turned-director Leni Riefenstahl, this movie displays the power, majesty and success of a National Socialist government which successfully converted the German nation into a land of peace and plenty at a time when the “democracies” of the world were suffering under the weight of jewish perfidy and the bitter harvest of corrupt finance capitalism. MPG
85 MB
Wetback Instead of railing against illegal and mass immigration from the standpoint of the bad things that it does to this (and any other) country, this video exposes immigration from the standpoint of the proponents and enthusiasts who want more immigration no matter what the cost. You will hear the gleaming platitudes of the elitists who want to import poverty, you will witness the gritty up-close pictures of the dusky immigrants themselves, the problems they bring with them and their attitudes towards the nation they plant themselves in, and hear how they feel about the peoples already residing here. WMV
80 MB
Why the Mideast Bleeds Ted Pike’s video exposé dramatizes how Zionist abuses and Evangelical Christian support have helped create international Arab terrorism.This powerful anti-war documentary explains how Zionists have used a false religious argument to ram a cruel, unbiblical return of Jews to Palestine down the throat of the Arab world. Such injustice, if allowed to continue, will only lead to increased terrorism, lost of freedoms, and Mideast war.
Brought to you by the National Prayer Network.
26.8 MB
WTC Crash This is rare footage of the first hijacked plane smashing into the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. This video was apparently recorded by an alleged tourist wandering the streets of New York City with a camcorder who just happened to look up in time to see an unusually low-flying plane as it crashed into the North Tower at 8:45am. This video should be shown over and over to immigrant enthusiasts and diversophiles as the final consequence of the unfettered watering-down of the Western culture. MPEG
10.5 MB
Zionist War Crimes A graphic documentary displaying the genuine horror that people in the occupied territories experience on a daily basis, and have suffered under for the past 50 years.
Warning: Some graphic footage. Brought to you by Honest Media Today.
106 MB

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