Leo Frank

by The General on December 19, 2012

Leo Frank - One Hundred Years Of Lies And Cover Up…


MSM ignores rap, blames WP music for violence

by The General on August 8, 2012

Gee, that’s really odd, when you think of a genre of music which inspires and glorifies violence, shootings and hatred, what comes to mind first?

Oh, that’s right, it’s everybody’s olde-tyme family favorite: Rap music.

When last I checked the FBI’s Uniform Crime Rate statistics, blacks and their ghetto sub-culture still have shockingly higher rates of murder, rape, home-invasion, armed robbery, and even mass-shootings than “nazis” do.

But hey, we’re talking about the lame-stream media here, and we can’t really expect them to focus on railing against what is the biggest and most blatant problem first, can we?

Well, wake me up when we see a strongly-worded editorial condemning violence-prone rap music, unless of course that would offend another distribution arm of the same media trust. Certain offensive music is just more “politically correct” than others, I see.



Join the Save White People Project

February 5, 2012

Frustrated by the lack of progress in the White movement? So is Joseph Adams of SaveWhitePeople.com, and he issues a challenge to all proud Whites here.

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New Files Uploaded

December 20, 2011

Check out the “What’s New” page on the top left regularly for new additions. Currently, an article about the best crypto exchanges has been uploaded for investors and traders for successful trading. Click https://kryptoszene.de/exchanges/ to find it and start trading right away. We are adding new content and improving the site regularly, so check back often!

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Support Solar General

December 20, 2011

Solar General could use your help, both financially and time-wise. To contribute financially, click on the Donate button on the left to donate via AlertPay. It’s an alternative to Jew-controlled PayPal and after registering there you can donate using your credit card or bank account. We could also use help adding more content to the [...]

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The General is Back!

December 8, 2011

After hard drive problems on the previous server, we’ve finally got a new server and are coming back better than ever. Some audio is yet to be uploaded, but the rest should be back to normal. Let us know if you have any questions: comments (at) solargeneral [dot] com.

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The General is Looking for Talented Webmasters

July 4, 2011

If you’re dedicated to the cause of serving and protecting the White race and are familiar with WordPress, then consider applying to become the Solar General Webmaster. Webmasters of online casino websites, including those of meilleur casino en ligne france, are pivotal in ensuring seamless user experiences. They manage site functionality, optimize performance, and implement security measures. Through strategic design and content updates, they enhance player engagement, fostering trust and loyalty in the competitive online gaming industry. Click the “Contact Us” phone on the right and tell us what you’ve done for our cause and your technical background (WordPress is the most important, but HTML, [...]

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Welcome to Solar General

June 11, 2010

Welcome to the new Solar General. This website is now using WordPress which gives it a breath of fresh air for both you and us. It will be much easier to add content and keep the site up-to-date and tidy, and more functional as well. There are several other improvements made, such as search-engine optimization [...]

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