AIDS A.I.D.S. Kills Fags Dead! What more needs said? 543 KB
Creators Honor History Creators Honor History, with a big swastika in the center. Created on request of a Creator, this is a definite attention-getter.
(version 1.01: slight modification to text structure.)
527 KB
Jew Yawk Kykes Since the “negro league” has long since gone out of style, it is high time for the jew league and this design harkens in the new spirit of major league mascots with every goy’s favorite caricature.
Alternate versions here (607 KB), here (621 KB) and here (579 KB).
617 KB
Nashville Niqqers Since we have not yet “honored” the “contributions” to society made by afreakan Americans, we do so here with this mascot. 691 KB
National Socialists Show your colors and show your pride! Be one of the few, the proud, the brave: the National Socialists. 495 KB
Now Serving… Now Serving # 6,000,001 with a swazi in the center. 831 KB
Sayanim Sayanim (yiddish for “volunteer”): Every jew a Traitor! 682 KB
Tijuana Taco Turds A mascot that honors the estimated 12 million illegal border-jumper Latrinos currently residing in “Ass-tlan.” 797 KB
Washington Wiggers A mascot depicting an individual seen all too frequently on the America cultural landscape. Lettering is in yellow, which is appropriately fitting for the subject matter. 531 KB