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January 2, 2012


Patriot Act *How far is too far?*

This novel deals with the ramifications of the Patriot Act not sunsetting in 2005, but instead being voted into permanence. Government abuse of power and intrusion into our everyday lives becomes rampant, as more liberties vanish on a daily basis. How far will the people be pushed before they fight back? How can we fight back? This book provides some unique methods for improvising weaponry when our guns are banned, as well as preparing and caching your weapons when that inevitable day arrives.

2020, the year America finally begins to see clearly. With 20/20 political acuity to match the year, a few Patriots decide it is time to return America to her people, and begin symbolic acts of defiance; “patriot acts” in their own right. Public support grows, as the Government attempts to quash the Patriots by incessantly tightening their stranglehold on liberty. Will the rest of the country stand idly by, while a few brave men and women
make a stand for freedom, or will they finally replace their complacent shade of yellow for a more fitting red, white, and blue?

Described as “‘Unintended Consequences’ and ‘Harrison Bergeron’ meets ‘The Turner Diaries’,” Patriot Act foretells of a future where a Zionist-controlled government eliminates all freedom and individual thought; where patriotism is akin to terrorism, and pride in one’s heritage is criminal.

“We must prevail, or we shall certainly perish.”

3.6 MB
Why Johnny Can’t Think “Why Johnny Can’t Think” shows that leftism means, “Professors should rule the world.” It demonstrates why each totally inbred generation of professors chooses a new generation of professors that is even more inbred and leftist and what actually happens when college graduates and professors actually try ruling the world through socialism, through criminal ”rehabilitation,” and through the New Education. Whatever they call it, socialism or environmentalism or multiculturalism, each leftist program just means that professors should rule the world. And every time they try, it is a disaster. But college graduates keep pushing new leftists policies. That what they learned in school. That’s what we pay professors to teach them in school. Joe Sobran says in the foreword: “A former professor himself, Bob Whitaker believes that formal education has become dangerous, and often fatal, to common sense. This is nothing new, but Americans believe so deeply in formal education that they routinely sacrifice their children’s youth to it, often paying staggering amounts of money to shield them from the real world… “…the “social” sciences are another matter. These “social” sciences are often directly contradicted by the hard sciences. They are built on ideas and theories that are not only unproven, but demonstrably and obviously false. Yet they are aggressively promoted by
the academy, followed by the media and the government, and anyone who openly denies them can forget about a career in these institutions. Even real scientists are forced to bow to the idols of “social” science… “As Whitaker reminds us, formal education is far and away the biggest industry in the United States. Americans pay trillions of dollars, in both taxes and private tuition, to have their children indoctrinated in a false and destructive ideology, which serves as the basis for a series of disastrous
public policies. In Whitaker’s words, “Nothing liberals do ever WORKS.”
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December 20, 2011


African-American Museum Talk about good city planning! 191 KB
Negro Wedding Look and be (not too) amazed at how negroes dress for their wedding day. 33 KB


Anonymous Explains Illuminati Protocols [Download]
The infamous hacker group Anonymous explains the Jewish plan for world domination enscribed in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. 69.8 MB

December 19, 2011

Gaza: The Killing Zone A documentary showing Zionist atrocities in Gaza. 385.5 MB

July 6, 2011

German Speeches A total of 499 speeches given during the Third Reich by Hitler, Goebbels, and other prominent National Socialists. Varies

July 4, 2011

Der Kolberg Durchhaltefilm [Download]
A video made by National Socialist Germany in 1945 towards the end of the war. Despite the tide of war being against them, the German army took some of her soldiers off the frontline in order to star in this movie. 413 MB

June 19, 2011

White Power Police A new site with basic information and links for White Nationalism.


Germans Not Amused One Austrian village near the German border isn’t amused by the British visitors who flock there to take pictures next to and even steal their signs. Why? Read and find out! 131 KB

June 18, 2011


The New Unhappy Lords A good start on global politics and the role of Whites and Jews in the process. By A. K. Chesterton, cousin of G. K. Chesterton. 9.4 MB

May 28, 2011


Zionism Exposed 135 audio clips from british74′s Zionism Exposed collection. Varies

August 30, 2010


Economic Tribulations Vincent Vickers analyzes late 19th century economic policy in England, particularly the Bank of England and the Jewish involvement. 184 KB
Empire of the City This further explores the Jew Rothschild’s involvement in the Bank of England. 1.9 MB

July 18, 2010


Two More Leo Frank Books

Watson’s Magazine - September 1915 The second in three of Watson’s magazines uploaded to Solar General of Thomas Watson’s exposé of Leo Frank’s case and the strong evidence against him. 6.1 MB
Watson’s Magazine - October 1915 Another Watson’s Magazine; this from October of 1915 and more chronicles of the Frank case. 6.4 MB

July 11, 2010


200 Years Together A book in Russian that has still not been translated, probably due to its exposure of Jewish involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution and the Soviet Union. If you could translate this into English or know someone who could, that would be great. 38.1 MB

July 2, 2010


ADL-Related Books

The Frank Case A book published shortly after the 1913 lynching of Jew Leo Frank, an infamous case that led to the founding of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith. 31.5 MB
Murder of Little Mary Phagan by Leo Frank A book written by Mary Phagan’s grand-niece of the same name about the case. 4.9 MB
Watson’s Magazine August 1915 This magazine contains an editorial about the Leo Frank case. 6.2 MB
American State Trials 1918 Volume X A collection of major trials in U.S. history, including, of course, Leo Frank. 32.5 MB

June 26, 2010



Camp of the Saints A book originally written in French in the 70s that details the dwindling percentage of Whites that was correctly predicted to happen now in the 21st century. 1.2 MB
Collection of Miscellaneous Works of Rockwell A series of writings from 60s American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell. 528 KB
Collection of Miscellaneous Works of Yockey A series of writings from WWII-era pro-White philosopher Francis Parker Yockey. 434 KB
Collection of Works of David Lane The prime works from the life of the major figure in our movement, David Lane. 2.2 MB
Crowds This book likens a race to a crowd of people, and analyzes the unity and workings of crowds versus individuals. 324 KB
Culture of Critique A good work by Prof. Kevin MacDonald of the 20th Century Jewish involvement in intellectual and political movements. 2 MB
Eisenhower’s Death Camps This chronicles something not found in today’s kosher history books: Allied atrocities during and after WWII. 31.5 MB
Freemasonry and Judaism Turn back the clock hundreds of years to the early stages of Freemasonry and you’ll find a cult with Jews top-to-bottom. 5 MB
Gold in the Furnace A shocking account of post-WWII Germany as described by Savitri Devi. 2.8 MB
Hitler Speeches Collection A look at what the Führer really thought and said. 1.5 MB
Impeachment of Man A philosophical work by Savitri Devi. 602 KB
Imperium The Philosophy of History and Politics by Savitri Devi. 1.7 MB
Paul of Tarsus or Christianity and Jewry Savitri Devi’s work exposes Saulianity (as opposed to true Christianity) for what it really is. 225 KB
Pilgrimage Savitri Devi chronicles his pilgrimages to places key in the National Socialist Movement. 1.2 MB
Racial Elements of European History A translated Günther work that describes the various White sub-races in detail. 5.6 MB
The Collected Works of H.P. Lovecraft A translated Günther work that describes the various White sub-races in detail. 7.8 MB
The Great Red Dragon An analysis of the capitalism that has come from London for centuries. 434 KB
The Legalized Crime of Banking An exposé of the Federal Reserve System. 467 KB
The Social Contract A look at fundamental reproductive tendencies and behaviors of man. 1 MB
The Territorial Imperative A work about animal behaviors; written by the same author and similar to The Social Contract above. 946 KB

June 11, 2010


The Frank Case A book published shortly after the 1913 lynching of Jew Leo Frank, an infamous case that led to the founding of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith. 31.5 MB

June 10, 2010


Behind Communism Published by Frank Britton in 1952, this book examines Communism from the very roots and exposes the Jewish element behind it. 793 KB
Beyond Good and Evil One of Friedrich Neitzsche’s philosophical works. 841 KB
Birth of Tragedy (Another) one of Friedrich Neitzsche’s philosophical works. 192 KB
For My Legionaries A novel detailing early National Socialism in Romania by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. 1.2 MB
Foundations of the 19th Century A philosophical work by Houston Stewart Chamberlain, translated from German by John Lees. 4 MB
On the Genealogy of Morals The third in a series of new Friedrich Neitzsche books. 518 KB
Twilight of the Idols The last in a series of new Friedrich Neitzsche books. 300 KB

April 25, 2010


Green Day Prophecies Doug Hanks’ book talks about the UN, NWO and other related programs that wish to dramatically reduce the world population into only Jews and mongrels, and form a world government in which the former rules over the latter. 2.4 MB

April 24, 2010


My Awakening David Duke reads his own book, My Awakening. Each chapter is a separate file. (varies)


Eye for an Eye John Sack writes about jews trying to get ‘revenge’ in the holohoax. 2 MB

April 22, 2010



Eisenhower’s Death Camps James Bacque writes in Saturday Night magazine the self-described “last dirty secret of WWII”: the slaughter of German POWs by Eisenhower after their surrender. 4.8 MB
Weerlegging van Nizkors Holocaustvisie Dutch commentary on the IHR’s 66 Q&A on the Holocaust. English version coming soon. 2.8 MB

April 21, 2010


National Socialist Black Metal (folder) Keep checking back as over 44 GB of NSBM music is uploaded. (varies)

April 18, 2010



Imagine [Download]
Imagine… nothin’ but freakin’ Italians. To the tune of the John Lennon classic. 487 KB


Worst National Anthem [Download]
A Negro cop “sings” the Star Spangled Banner in an outdoor function to the bemusement of several officers and other attendees. You have to see it to believe it. 4.9 MB

April 17, 2010



National Socialism: A Left-Wing Movement This article bashes the age-old line of National Socialists being “far-right” and instead points out that it is indeed a left-wing movement. While it is not Marxist, and may not look like the loony leftists of today, it is a revolutionary ideology that cares for each individual, rather than the right-wing every-man-for-himself capitalist exploitation. 106 KB

April 16, 2010


Israel Did 9/11 A well-researched article with scores of photographs detailing the Israeli/Mossad/Jewish involvement in 9/11. It is chock-full of facts and damning evidence against the jew. Alas, some of it is formatted funny and there are a lot of links to other sites (frowned upon here at SG), so we will likely make another version and re-release it. 1.3 MB


Interview with KSS’s Steve Smith Steve Smith from Keystone State Skinheads in Pennsylvania gives a down-to-earth interview with the local media. The callers into the show are almost all supportive. Steve does a good job of smashing the jew stereotypes of skins and makes good points that average white people agree with. 1.2 GB

April 11, 2010



James P. Wickstrom (folder) Over 2 GB of sermons and other audio files from Dr. James P. Wickstrom. (varies)


Auschwitz Plain Facts This book, edited by Germar Rudolf, is a response to Jean-Claude Pressac, a French pharmacist who “refutes” revisionist claims that the gas chambers were a hoax. 2.8 MB
Fight or Flight Dr. Fredrick Toben chronicles his journey ’round the world in support of revisionism. 5.1 MB
Lectures on the Holocaust Germar Rudolf debunks in detail each facet of the holy-hoax. 13.5 MB
Tales of the Holohoax A self-described “journal of satire” comprising of scores of cartoons based on the holy-hoax. Hilarious; a must-read. 4.8 MB
The Leuchter Reports This is an updated work by Fred Leuchter that first questioned the gas chamber story. 13.7 MB
Who Started WW2? Viktor Suvorov answers a seemingly simple question: Who started the Second World War? As it turns out, this is much more complex than at first glance, and he devotes over 300 pages to the subject.