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Faking the Hate

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Jewish Democracy

Jewish Groups Still Hope to Sneak in Hate Crimes Law, One Way or Another

Jewish Synagogue Bomber Convicted

Jews Dabble Swastikas In Neighborhood to Bolster Victim Status

Jew-Trained Ape Sees Snow, Calls Hate Police

Killing of White Boy Still Draws Yawns From Justice Dept

NAACP Threatens Appeal, Lawsuit

National Media Ignores Horrific Hate Crime

Negroid Rapes 14 Year Old White Girl, Jews Support Rapist

Negros Admit Painting Racist Graffiti Blamed on Whites

Niqqer Carjacks, Kidnaps, Robs, Rapes, and Murders White Woman

Niqqer Kidnaps, Rapes, and Murders 5-Year-Old White Girl

Niqqer Kidnaps, Robs, Rapes, and Murders White Woman

Niqqer Mob Targets White Motorists

No ‘Hate Crime’ Here, Boss - Just Killin’ A White Man

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