Jews and The World Trade Center The Truth about 9-11 and how Jews caused thousands of Americans to die by manipulating our government has finally come out in full detail. This 9-11 document is not only dangerous and illegal in several countries, but the Jews and their lackeys in the US government tried to suppress it. Many people believe it is this document which got Dr. Matt Hale framed and sent to jail for 40 years for a crime he did not commit. Download and Distribute. 5.4 MB
1,000 Quotes About Jews Read about the yiddish scourge from viewpoints of famous and perceptive characters throughout history as well as the antagonists themselves. 1.3 MB
Anti-Humans Details how jew communists maltreated, tortured, and murdered their victims in the “re-education” camps erected in Romania. 614 KB
Anti-Semitism: History and Causes A well-written book on how jews themselves and their patent elitist and corruptive misconduct are responsible for the hatred and collective punitive actions taken against them throughout the ages, instead of unbased “hate” or “bigotry” (as the party line usually goes). 990 KB
Anti-Zion Similar to the 1,000 quotations about jews, this book by William Grimstad is a compilation of many original and forthright thoughts about the jewish menace from so many great contemporary and historical figures that they cannot realistically all be smeared as “anti-semantic.” 516 KB
Are Jews a Race? An older work from 1916, Karl Kautsky discusses and debates on the physical, mental and spiritual characteristics of the world’s most deadly parasite. 474 KB
Bible & Talmud Quotes A collection of quotations displaying the historical origins of jewish supremacist/Zionist ideology, as collected by acclaimed religious-revisionist scholar “Acharya S”, author of the very informative book The Christ Conspiracy and owner of Truth Be Known. 109 KB
The Coming Battle This work accurately predicts the upcoming struggle between jewish manipulation and Aryan self-preservation, between the resurgence of the Spirit and Soul of the West in a cultural renaissance and the final submergence of Western nations at the hands of jewish chicanery and multi-culti corruption. The choice is clear: either the formerly White nations will rise up and throw off the shackles of minority brow-beating or everything will collapse under a rising tide of color that will hearken a thousand years in another Dark Age. 745 KB
Communist Brainwashing Manual The tried-and-true method of controlling and manipulating public opinion as perfected by Communist and Zionist schemers over the ages. The frankness and forthrightness in the author’s advocacy of violence against the masses coupled with its similarities to Talmudic lore mark this as a uniquely jewish program. A similar version of this book can be found here. 188 KB
The Cost of Israel to the US An article that itemizes how endless foreign aid to the Zionist ethno-state has cost America at least $1,600,000,000,000 since 1973. Thanks, jews! 26 KB
Cost Of US Mideast Policy Similar to the article listed above but written by an “anti-Zionist” jew group, and more in-depth. 98 KB
Denying the Hoaxocost In a classic jewish case of the pot calling the kettle black, jew Lipstadt just knows those evil nazi-inspired revisioonists are wrong, and says so repeatedly in this book, yet she refues to engage any public or open debate on the issue. One would think that a true test of mettle would mean matching wits with the opposition, but in Lipstad’s case, this will not be done because “[r]efusal to debate the deniers thwarts their desire to enter the conversation as a legitimate point of view.” This book is hosted here so those interested in studying or otherwise probing the depths of jewish pathologies and illogic may do so.
This book has been already reviewed for logical fallacies here and here.
1.5 MB
The International Jew The progenitor of the modern factory system lays it out as to how jews act like a bunch of two-legged cockroaches and why they are about as useful. Unabridged version, in 80 chapters. Brought to you by Ford! 3.1 MB
The Israeli Sex Slave Trade While most people think that the flesh trade is a thing of the past, long since buried in the sands of time, this document proves otherwise: that women are illegally lured and kidnapped to serve as sex slaves and prostitutes in Israel, with the full knowledge and consent of the jew government. Even rabbis frequent the brothels where such women are forced to work against their will, and women who resist or try to escape are beaten or sometimes murdered. 52 KB
Israeli Sex Slave Trafficking A collection of media articles and news reports complied by the Ukrainian Archive on the jewish habit (still ongoing as we speak) of luring naive young women into Kikistan for the sole purpose of exploiting them as sexual chattel. The initial “breaking in” of such sex slaves usually involves repeated rapes by their pimps to soften them up for the “trade,” after which they can expect to service 12-15 clients a day seven-day-a-week; these women can also expect to be beaten up and raped by pimps from rival gangs and the jewish criminal rackets continue unchecked, because Israel has no solid laws against such sexual slavery nor any firm punishments. Policemen, soldiers, governmental officials, even orthodox rabbis routinely visit brothels packed with such slaves, women who have no legal recourse except imprisonment and deportation as the only “due process” they can expect. Read all about it here. 955 KB
The Jew as Criminal The “jew-baiter” Julius Streicher discusses in detail the various criminal rackets that coincidentally seem to flourish whenever jews show up on the scene, and he delineates on the jew players behind the organized crime that came to an abrupt end in Germany after the rise of the National Socialist state. 524 KB
The Jew IQ Think jews are super-smart? Think again! This well-researched and documented article proves that jews are slightly less intelligent then Whites according to numerous intelligence tests. Also contains related articles of interest to the intelligence question of non-Whites and jews. 1.8 MB
Jews Behind the Steering Wheel A catalog of jews and the American organizations they manipulate for the sole sake of their jew ethno-state, even at the expense of the American host population which they parasite off of. 111 KB
A Jewish Defector Warns America Benjamin H. Freedman was a jew businessman and zionist-turned-anti-zio-nazi who gave this lecture in 1961 detailing the communist connections to zionist imperialism, based upon his first-hand knowledge of life in the “inner circle” of big jews who were bent on taking over America and the rest of the world, one way or another. 32 KB
Jewish Expulsions Throughout History Over a span of 2,000 years of history, jew have been kicked out of over 80 different nations, territories and city-states, as this list shows. The traditional explanation by jew apologists is that there was an inexplicable rise in “anti-semitism” or “bigotry” or some other hazy, unclear brand of “prejudice” against the jew. However, the critical question remains: with so many separate, individual incidents where jews have been given the boot, what is it that jews do to bring about such actions upon themselves? 17 KB
Jewish History, Jewish Religion The Weight of Three Thousand Years
Dr. Israel Shahuk, apparently an “anti-Semitic” Semitic jew if there ever was one, frankly states the reasons for Gentile dislike of jews stems not from some unfounded, irrational, emotionalistic, petty hatred of jews but instead is due to the evil and unhealthy aspects of the jewish mindset and culture.
430 KB
Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today The great anti-communist crusader Elizabeth Dilling examines the corrupt counsel and twisted teaching of the Talmud in depth in her classic treatise, as well as the all-too-familiar correlations between jewishness and communism in America. 1.5 MB
Jewish Ritual Murder Oy Vey! The old favorite back by unpopular demand! Arnold Leese tells of genuine jewish crimes against humanity and children and the typical arguments thrown up when such charges are laid forth. Anybody hungry for matzohs? 308 KB
The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution A classic text by Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review, documenting how jews played a decisive influence against the brutal murder of the Tsar’s family and the bloody deaths of 20 to 40 million White Russians. Includes a listing of who’s jew’s in the Russian government immediately following the October revolution. 119 KB
The Jewish War of Survival A scathing review of how jews frequently cloak their zio-nazi imperialist ambitions behind humane-sounding “pacifistic” propaganda as a cover for aggressive jew-inspired warmongering. Sir Arnold Leese wrote this book after being imprisoned for speaking out against jews, and he covers the common explanations as to why the world had to fight against Third Reich German along with careful refutations of each bit of agitprop and exposure of the real jew menace behind it. 186 KB
Jews and their Lies Written by Martin Luther in 1543. Read about the racial awakening of a pious man who was originally pro-Zionist and pro-jew and how he came to see the true nature of the jew for what it really is. 270 KB
Jewish Immigration Policy A brief report that illustrates how jews were solely responsible for the pulling down of America’s borders and the resultant deluge of 3rd-world welfare mooches and America-hating garbage. Written by Kevin MacDonald, author of Culture of Critique. 167 KB
Judea Declares War The original article and background of the jewish declaration of war against a democratically-elected nationalist government of Germany, for the sole reason that during the times leading up to the election, Hitler said a few things which the self-chosen didn’t like. 84 KB
The Kosher Food Tax Racket Look carefully in your cupboards and pantries for drinking water, dish soap, dishwasher soap, cleaning agents, chlorine bleach, coffee, tea, bottled water, salt, flour, sugar, cheese or similar products with a distinctive “K” or “U” inside a circle. If it shows up on the label, this means that a portion of the sale price of that product went to an rabbinical organization which “blessed” such products for a tidy sum (often unnecessarily even by jewish religious law). Lubomyr Prytulak of the Ukrainian Archive fills us in. Nobody knows for sure (except the jew racketeers themselves) what kind of money is made of off this scam, but you can rest assured that when there is a jew involved, the pound of flesh is not at all insignificant. 3.5 MB
Latvia: Year of Horror Over 35,000 Latvians were murdered en masse or otherwise “disappeared” under jew-inspired and jew-run communism, and this book provides graphic evidence of their Latvian holocaust at the hands of jews. One can scarcely imagine the similar grisly fate that 20-40 million White Russians endured under their jew commissars. ZioNazi types call this book “anti-semitic”; We refer to it as a pristine example of judiasm in action.
Warning: Contains graphic pictures of jew-induced genocide. Not suitable for small children.
7.0 MB
The Poisonous Mushroom WWII-era German children’s book accurately depicting jews as a plague on all Gentile humanity. Translated to English with plenty of illustrations. 1.1 MB
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Even though history his proven this work to be Russian Czarist forgery, it nevertheless remains true to this day because it accurately addresses the destructive spirit that is Judaism. Henry Ford praised the Protocols as accurate in his day, and it is equally insightful to jewish nature today given that it sells like hot-cakes in the formerly jew-dominated Russia. Detractors of this work - usually jew whiners themselves - frequently illustrate its questionable origins in an attempt to discredit it as a “forgery;” this of course merely begs the question as to what original work it imitates, and as you read this work, you will see how original it is in precisely marking the jew. 220 KB
Ritual Murder: A Historical Investigation A solid yet timeless book proving once and for all the incontrovertable historical fact of jewish ritual murder and jews conspiring to sacrifice Gentile children in Kabalistic rituals. 4.3 MB
Ritual Murder: Myth or Reality? Millions of judes the world over raise their voices in unison into an unholy screech of whining and prevaricating when the dirty facts of jewish ritual murder throughout the ages are dragged out for the world to see. Look into the jew closet and see that the skeleton hanging there is really a goy sacrifice to Bhaal, the god of fire. 251 KB
The Silent Jew Rabbi Joel Timmerman discusses his take on the holo-hoax and how zio-nazi jews in America act like a bunch of jerks, in his open letter from early 2003. 35 KB
Thinking about Neocons Kevin MacDonald, prolific and fearless writer on the jewish question, examines the jewish fingerprints covering the warped ideology of Neoconservatives, including a few names of the big jew pulling the president’s strings. 147 KB
The Thirteenth Tribe Arthur Koestler, a jewish author famously known for his anti-utopia novel Darkness at Noon, proves conclusively that modern jews are not descendants of the Israelites, but instead tribal nomads from present-day south-eastern Turkey or south-western Russia, thereby invalidating the biblical claim of a jewish “right to the land.” Koestler was later assassinated for his book. 445 KB
Understanding Jewish Influence A very intelligent essay by Kevin Macdonald examining how jews have gotten their disproportionate share of power and wealth through “ethnocentrism, intelligence and wealth, psychological intensity, aggressiveness, with most of the focus on ethnocentrism.” A solid read on the jew problem in a measured and dispassionate tone. 245 KB
Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution This solid expose by Anthony Sutton brings to light the dirty facts of how jew capitalists on Wall Street and in the world banks funded and supported the jew communists in Russia, with the resultant slaughter of 20-40 million Whites in that jew-inspired holocaust. 600 KB
Who Rules America A lecture by Dr. William Pierce of the National Alliance, concisely listing the alien jewish domination and manipulation of the various organizations and organs that make up the American and the greater Western cultural bodies. 52 KB
What the Talmud Teaches A glimpse into the more controversial teachings of jewish scripture sheds light on why jews have been persecuted aver the ages: the reason lies in their ardent hatred of the Gentiles and the jewish policy of eternal warfare and against all non-jews. 218 KB
Zionism in the Age of Dictators Lenni Brenner tells of the much higher humanitarian cost to the world of Communist/Zionist conniving, as opposed to the over-blown and largely imaginary boogeyman of “nazi-ism”. 1.4 MB
Zionist Anti-Semitism See how the historical myth of ongoing “anti-semitism” is thrown in the faces of those zio-nazi jews who have fully assimilated the persecution complex into their very soul and state-of-being. By Les Levidow. 33 KB