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Dr. Khalid Muhammed [Download]
The good doctor of the Black Panthers shares his love and tolerance for Whitey in this famous lecture, imploring negroes to kill White men, women and children without discretion because they will become “future oppressors” of darkie. MP3
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Floyd Nelson Speech A speech by Floyd Nelson, the Imperial Wizard of the SS Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, delivered during the first quarter of the Year 2000 AD.
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here [Download]
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GLR Brown University Speech [Download]
The audience started out hating him; they ended up respecting him. G.L. Rockwell’s monumental speech was given in 1966 before a packed house at his alma mater of Brown University. He said nothing antagonistic towards the audience, yet he merely pointed out a few unsightly facts about jews and jewish communism and the criminal nature of blacks. The fundamental difference between Rockwell and assorted sell-out conservatives is that while the rest of the world was cowering in fear of commies and not naming the jew, Rockwell actually did something about it.
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GLR: The Lost Recordings [Download]
In the late 60′s - shortly before his untimely death - George Lincoln Rockwell gave a lecture to a packed audience of 75 people at a crowded private residence in Texas. His revolutionary speech on the failure of the old right wing and kosher konservatives is still timely and poignant to this day. MP3Pro
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Phillip Rushton on Racial Differences Drawing on research dating back almost 100 years, the good Dr. Rushton points out the results of scientific research proving the average black in America has an IQ of 85, while the blacks of Africa show an IQ of 70, which is borderline retarded. Since IQ tests examine pattern matching, logical deduction skills and mathematical computation, the argument that IQ tests measure nebulous qualities or are culturally biased does not hold water because these skills necessary for any civilization to function. A good listen for both people who respect the realities of race as well as those who are race deniers.
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Portrait 1 [Download]

Portrait 2 [Download]

Portrait 3 [Download]

Portrait 4 [Download]
A Portrait of George Lincoln Rockwell
Listen to GL Rockwell in action as he lashes out against communism, jews, niqqers and other social parasites in four different recorded public lectures. This is the definitive and classic in-your-face style that showed Rockwell at his best.
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Rockwell Radio Interview George Lincoln Rockwell tells it like it is again, cutting to the core of National Socialist ideology and what he stands for personally as an American Nazi in his famous radio interview uninterrupted by commies and peace creeps (for once).
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Survival of the White Race [Download]
Originally produced in 1975, this lecture by Ben Klassen is an introduction to the problems of the world from a racial angle and the solution offered in the radical new religion of Creativity. Originally recorded on a vinyl LP, it has been translated to digital audio for your listening pleasure.
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The Turner Diaries
Part 1 [Download]

Part 2 [Download]

Part 3 [Download]

Part 4 [Download]

Part 5 [Download]

Part 6 [Download]

Part 7 [Download]

Part 8 [Download]

Part 9 [Download]

Part 10 [Download]

Part 11 [Download]
The (in)famous book by the late Dr. William Pierce is now available in an audio format read by Dr. Pierce himself. Follow the exploits of Earl Turner as he battles the evil minions of ZoG and makes the ultimate sacrifice so future generations of Whites may live in relative peace and self-determination, free from the horrors and abuses of multi-culti corruption. Not to be missed!! MP3 - 9MB