David Irving

Convoy PQ.17 The Destruction of Convoy PQ.17 

Of some 38 ships that sailed in PQ.17, nearly all were sunk, each
having gone her separate way after the convoy was scattered. This is a
gripping story of invididual heroism by members of an unsung breed of
brave men, the sailors of the British and American merchant navies.

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Churchill’s War 1 

Churchill’s War 2

Churchill’s War: Struggle for Power and Triumph in Adversity 

After seven years’ research in British and foreign archives like
Washington, Moscow, Paris- because the Churchill trustees still refuse
access to his papers to any except their official biographer- Irving
has built up an unusual portrait of the man who brought devastation to
Europe and ruin to his own people, while leading them to a Pyrrhic
victory. Unstinting in his praise of the achievement of an old man in
uniting and inspiring a moribund Mother Country to make one last great
effort, Irving conceals little of the uglier detail, like how Churchill
thwarted the only chances Europe had of peace in 1939 and 1940, or how
he unleashed the cruel bombing war that killed one million Europeans.
There are touching sidelights on Churchill’s strained relations with
his own family, cast by the unpublished papers of his daughters; but a
harsher light is thrown on the demi-corruption, hard drinking,
cynicism, brutality, deceit and callousness of Winston’s regime. He
rejoiced in killing, was intoxicated by the sound of cannon,
exhilarated by his own graphic language.

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Dresden [2005] 

Dresden [1995]

Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden
Britons had heard of the bombing of Dresden before this book was
published. Sir Arthur Harris, Commander-in-Chief of Bomber Command,
afterwards described the author [David Irving] as the only historian
whom he would trust. Read about the WWII’s only true holocaust where
500,000 - 1,000,000 were literally cremated by allied bombers under
orders to attack civilian targets (all in violation of international

The two versions are identical except the 2005 edition features a few extra notes and a more-readable typeface.

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Goebbels Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich 

As a memorial to his oldest daughter Josephine (1963-1999), David
Irving invites you to accept his biography of Hitler’s propaganda
minister Dr Joseph Goebbels, the first work to be based on the
long-lost diaries of the minister which he retrieved from the former
KGB archives in Moscow.

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Göring Drawing on extensive materials, including Göring’s personal papers
Irving demonstrates in convincing fashion [that] Göring’s dark talents
were no match for his insatiable appetites&emdash;for drugs,
ludicrous opulence and priceless paintings. Göring is an informative
and sobering account&emdash;an indictment really&emdash;of a
man with no redeeming virtue
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Hess: The Missing Years 1941-1945 What Really Happened? 

Never published in the US due to a clumsy mailing “mishap” by
MacMillan, this British book examines the life and convenient death of
Rudolf Hess after 47 years in Spandau prison right before he was to be
released. Irving was the first to use the secret British archives and
the entire medical diaries of his captors.

German language edition here. (2.7 MB)

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Hitler’s War [2001] 

Hitler’s War [2002]

Hitler’s War [final] ->

about Hitler’s involvement in a war he didn’t start and desperately
tried to avoid from a genuinely balanced perspective. David Irving’s
new, fully-updated Millennium Edition has now been printed and
simultaneously uploaded to the Internet. This fully-indexed book has
over 1,000 pages, including 60 in-text illustrations and 40 pages of
rare B&W and color photos. 

First published in 1977, slight differences between different text versions.

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Keitel In the Service of the Reich 

The memiors of Field-Marshal Keitel, Chief of the German High Command 1938-1945

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Mare’s Nest The story of Hitler’s V-weapons the British Intelligence attack on
them. The first edition had to be cleared by the Ministry of Defence,
the Cabinet Office, the Foreign Office and the Prime Minister. This is
the 1985 edition, with the excised portions put back in.
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Milch The Rise and Fall of the Luftwaffe  

A fascinating look at the architect of both the Luftwaffe and
Lufthansa. David Irving writes: “I visited [Erhard Milch] in 1967 in
his D¸sseldorf apartment, where he lived with his niece, and he showed
me a suitcase full of the diaries. He explained however that he was
retaining them strictly for the use of whoever would write his
biography. I volunteered at once, and thus came into possession of the

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Morell The Secret Diaries of Hitler’s Doctor  

This volume is based on David Irving’s exclusive discovery of the long
lost diaries of Professor Theo Morell, Hitler’s physician. It is a
slightly abridged version of the 1983 first edition.

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Nuremberg, the Last Battle The
great show trial turned Purim-fest-1946-hanging-holiday is exposed as
the monumental fraud it was by David Irving. Hundreds of years of
European legal conventions and rules of evidence were tossed out the
window in order stage a fake trial that used torture to produce
confessions and condemned people as guilty before they even opened the
whole circus.
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Rommel The Trail of the Fox 

The son of a schoolmaster, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel is considered by
many to be the greatest military mind of the 20th century, a living
legend both to his countrymen and his enemies. In this definitive
biography, David Irving separates the myth from the man.

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Accident: The Death of General Sikorski
The Polish prime minister-in-exile died in a plane-crash upon takeoff
from Gibraltar. Was it in fact an accident? The sole survivor of the
crash, the Czech pilot, considered issuing a libel writ against Irving
but realized that what he had written was simply not open to challenge
in the British courts.
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Uprising The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 

This is the full story of the Hungarians’ spontaneous rebellion. Irving
was the first Western historian permitted to visit Budapest and view
classified material on the revolution. He also tracked down and
interviewed eye-witnesses and survivors, and obtained new documents and
photos from them. He reveals that the uprising was fueled in no small
part by anti-Semitism.

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The Virus House How close were the Germans to having the bomb? Nobel Prize winner
Werner Heisenberg published a glowing half-page review of this book in
the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Don’t miss the courageous
British Commando attack on the Rjukan heavy-water factory in Norway.
Illustrated with photos and diagrams.
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The War Between the Generals A look inside the Allied high command. Some of their fiercest battles
were fought against each other, but this was covered up. Not until
David Irving began his research did the full truth emerge. Prepare to
be surprised!
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The War Path The book The War Path was originally written as part of the biography, Hitler’s War. In 1975 the German publisher Ullstein quietly dropped sixteen chapters from the book and began their edition, Hitler und seine Feldherren,
with the outbreak of war; this made nonsense of many of the references
in later chapters, but that is how publishers sometimes are.
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